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Anthia Mo is a Taiwanese Filipina American model and contemporary dancer based out of Los Angeles. 


Born and raised in the Greater Boston area, Anthia started dancing at an early age where she competed across ballet, pointe, modern, tap, jazz, and contemporary dance categories with regional dance troupes and teams. Although Anthia finished a bachelors in Exercise Physiology from UMass Lowell and University of Hartford, she decided to pursue her passion in modeling by relocating to Los Angeles. 


Distinguished by her versatility in look, form, and engagement, Anthia offers a dynamic range of creativity with every snap of the camera’s shutter. Having extensive collaboration experience across various brands, esteemed photographers, and celebrity stylists to execute in commercial print ads and other forms of media, Anthia welcomes each campaign with a warm and engaging personality that brightens any project she is a part of. Anthia is currently pursuing work in acting, commercial print and beauty.

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